Thursday, June 28, 2012

Studio Update #1

First, we would like to thank all of our friends and fans for their patience while waiting for the release of the debut Raven X album. It has been a long process full of pitfalls,trials and tribulations,but we have endured and persisted and we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. After many attempts to put together a complete lineup for Raven X, we decided to record the CD as a two-piece with Khâos writing and performing all of the music and with Nÿx writing all of the lyrics and performing all of the vocals. This decision, combined with the choice to record the CD completely on our own, made for a long process which included many unforeseen setbacks that continually added more delay to the release of the album.

We have finished recording all tracks and have begun the mixing process for the album. We are also beginning to make many of the decisions involved with the release of the CD such as cover art,packaging,mastering,etc. Merchandising is being considered and items such as t-shirts will be made available close to or simultaneously with the CD release.

We are planning to announce a release date with album details in the very near future. The album will be available for purchase on CD as well as digital download from sites such as iTunes.

Thanks again to everyone for your continued support for Raven X. Your patience is appreciated and we are very optimistic that it will be worth the wait!!