Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Studio Update #2

We are happy to announce that the debut CD has been completed. We have finished all of the recordings for the album and the mixing and mastering processes have also been completed. We are very excited with the final versions of the songs and we are looking forward to everyone hearing them very soon. Thank you all for your patience in waiting for the CD!! The wait is almost over!!

We would like to take this opportunity to announce that the artwork for the CD has been created by Maira Pedroni. We are extremely happy to have an artist of Maira's caliber creating our CD cover. Please be sure to stop by Maira's website and check out her work!! Also, please stop by Maira's art pages on Facebook and on Google+ and give them a like!!

We would also like to thank Dave Ray for photographing our new promo pictures. As seen in this blog's photo, the pictures turned out great and a few more of them will be posted soon. Links to Dave's photography page will be shared from the Raven X facebook page in the near future.

Our next blog will feature album details such as the announcement of the CD's release date, song titles and cover artwork. Be sure to subscribe to this blog to be sure to receive updates as soon as they are made public. Have a great holiday season everyone!!

-Raven X

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